Peach Location and Cooking Pot Utopia:Origin

Peaches are a kind of food that may be collected with the aid of reducing down Peach Trees.  On its very own, a Peach offers +0 Food and +35 Water whilst eaten.  It also can be used in a number of Cooking Pot recipes.

Peach Recipes Utopia: Origin

Peach Trees may be located normally in higher stage deserts and on Paradise Island.  Because Peach Tree Seeds cannot be grown using Farms, Peaches can simplest be gotten through cutting down Peach Trees in the Wild.

Cooking pot
Fruit salad (+50 food)Peach + watermelon + apple
Yellow Peach Pie ( +40 food)Peach + wheat
Yellow Peach Milk Tea (+45 Food, +30 water)Peach + pearl + milk
Peach fruit tea (+40 food, +80 water)Peach + Roselle + Apple
Peach jam ( +40 food)Peach × 2
Yellow Peach Milk (+40 Food, +40 water)Peach + milk
Peach Mooncake (+50 Food)Peach + wheat + roselle

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