Seven Knight Korean Update 24 April 2020 - New Hero Ante

Hello. Power Super Sparkling Action Seven Knights Razelion in here with GM Sena♥

Be sure to check the inspection time and hope that there will be no inconvenience in using the game, For more information, please check the following:
[April 23, (Thursday) maintenance notice]
■ Inspection schedule: April 23, (Neck) 8:00 to 17:00 16:55 (8 hours 55 minutes) (Completed)
■ Inspection contents
  1. Add one new hero (Ante) 
  2. Add new territory 
  3. Add one new enemy hero 
  4. Addition of soul transfer system 
  5. Improvement of universal sculpture exchange 
  6. Add event roulette system 
  7. Added goods help function 
  8. Mercenary Improvement 
  9.  Other fixes and improvements 
  10. No guild war hero (all evaluation including mythological awakening, awakening)
■ End event
  1. 6th Anniversary, Hebnia Cherry Blossom Viewing Event 
  2. Special accessory acquisition + crafting discount event 
  3. Lodge commemoration! Event package 
  4. Package of lodge soul part 
  5. Hero Summon Bonus Event 
  6. Pet Summon Bonus Event 
  7. Partial Summon Bonus Event 
  8. Gem Summon Bonus Event 
  9. Equipment summon bonus event 
  10. April ★ Hero & Pet chance increase event
 ■ Event reward payment
1.Special accessory acquisition event

 ■ Growth package Misryon compensation (additional)
1. After purchasing the growth package, on April 23, we received a lump sum payment in my mailbox that was not received until the renewal of (Neck).
* Compensation will be provided to the mailbox and stored for 30 days. (Cannot recover at the end of the period)

Born in slums Ante had great ability to take locks! I was betrayed by humans and received a proposal to overthrow the world!

After that, I opened the door of the dimension that exists between Gaia and the abyss, New Group [High Dripper] Introducing the anti-affiliation now!

 [Anti introduction video]


 [Ante skill video]

 Ante -"Hydripper" groups on your device in your account can share and use "Night Crow" groups and devices.

Image Source:

Ante Translate Skill

* Hero skills and special equipment configurations are subject to change for balance adjustment.

Dedicated Equipment

 Ante Pre-Sell costume

4-star, 5-star, 6-star, awakening ante costumes are always on sale. (200 rubies)

 Areas that can acquire a part of anti-soul

Adventure 16-5 You can get the anti-soul part in the territory.

Addition of anti-soul memory dungeon 

An ante soul memory dungeon is added. 
Soul Memory Dungeon can be entered using [Lobby] → [Battle] → [Soul Memory]. 

  • Soul Memory Dungeon can be cleared and rewards can only be cleared once per stage. 
  • The soul memory dungeon consists of 7 stages. 
  • You cannot re-enter the already cleared stage. 
  • In the battle preparation screen, you can touch "Buy soul memory pass" to move to the soul memory pass purchase screen.

 Compensation payment

Soul Memory Pass can be obtained via in-app purchase.

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