Black Dessert Private Server

This is info about Black Dessert PC Private Server Version

Server Info

Server Version 3078
NA | EU Worldwide Servers
Free to Download and Play
Up to Date Working Retail Content
Free Pearl Rewards Every 30 mins

Server Rates

Monster exp rates: 10x
Monster drop rates: 10x
Life exp rates: 5x
Horse exp rates: 3x
Explore exp rates: 5x
Tendency exp rates: 5x
Fitness exp rates: 5x
Guild skill exp rates: 5x
Skill exp rates: 5x
Fishing drop rates: 10x
Collection drop rates: 10x
Steal drop rates: 10x

Server Rules

I. General Rules
You may not use cheats, automated software, hacks, or any type of unauthorized third-party software designed to modify client behavior (especially to gain an advantage) unless authorized to do so by Gamez Network Management.
You may not use or exploit any type of glitch, bug or unintended feature for personal gain. This rule also covers the communication of such bugs, it is strictly prohibited to encourage or inform any other user of bugs which may be abused to disturb game balance. All bugs should be reported directly to staff via a pm
Note: If you believe a bug is too game breaking to be reported openly you can PM it directly to our staff members
Multi-boxing (logging in multiple accounts) is not permitted
Disagreeing with the punishment of a staff member in-game is not acceptable. Bans can be appealed by sending a pm to
You may not propagate rumors and slander about the server or GamezNetwork Staff.
While playing you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass or threaten other players.
You may not impersonate any staff member of the GamezNetwork.
You may not modify any part of the client without permission from the staff.
You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying or selling items/characters/accounts or services for real-world cash (Better known as RMT).
You may not organize nor be a member of any pledges or groups within Gamez that are based on or encourage any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate mongering philosophies.
Do not spam at all in-game, this includes trade spam.
Do not beg for items.
Scamming players is strictly prohibited.
No advertising of any other private server.
Inappropriate names will not be allowed, while we will take this on a case to case basis upon the severity of the name it will be changed by the administration.
Creating more than 3 accounts for personal use or exploitation is forbidden.

II. Tips
You are the one responsible of your Gamez account information. We will not ask your account info neither password. Should your account be compromised it is your responsibility to deal with, we cannot compensate for a player's inability or unwillingness to ensure their account data is secure.
We strongly recommend to not share your account information with anyone, especially if you don't know the person in real life. If you do so, we will be unable to compensate you if your account is stolen.
Visiting sites providing dubious or illegal content can result in your computer being infected even if you don't download anything at all.

III. Laws
You absolutely may NOT disrupt or hack any computer used to support the Gameznetwork. Any attempt to enforce disruption against our network will be dealt with accordingly.
During your time on our realms you may not encourage or broadcast breaking any laws (local or otherwise)

In-Game Punishments
Harassment / Racism / Other offensive language / Spam
(This requires substantial proof)
These are dependent on the severity. Punishments may differ from this list.
First Offense: 48 hour temporary ban
Second Offense: 7 Day temporary ban
Third Offense: 14 Day temporary ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

AFK taping a mouse button down is a no-go.
Anything automated such as placing objects on the keyboard is considered an exploit.
Any macros or third party software are not permitted.
First offense: Account Ban for 3 days
Second offense: Permanent Ban

Bug abusing
Any disruptive abuse of a bug that causes a hindrance to others play or may cause imbalances in the game.
First offense: 48 hours of temporary ban
Second Offense: Permanent Ban

Impeding Game-play / Fair-play
Actions which include but are not limited to the following, Death Abuse, Certain Skill Abuse, Hide Abuse, Mount Abuse, etc.
Bans for these require certain proof, with out 100% Perfect Proof, the reports will be denied with out any question.
Any action which can be viewed as to gain unfair advantages over other players (with-in normal means not related to hacking, cheats, etc.). Subject to case by case review by H.GM and Admins upon such as deemed necessary.

Warning: 1 hour Temp Ban (given on skill abuse)
First offense: 12 hours of Temp Ban.
Second Offense: 48 hours of Temp Ban.
Third Offense: 7 Day Ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban
Permanent Bans (Account Termination) [For ALL Servers]

If a player is caught duplicating any items, he/she
If you are caught asking how to dupe or asking how players to help dupe
If caught with duped items, you will still receive an account ban

Scamming / Phishing / Advertising
There are further actions that can and will be used if required.
If a player is reported/caught and found guilty
Attempting to scam other players in any fashion
Posting False GamezNetwork Links (Scam Links)
Advertising other Servers etc.

Speed Hacking/Damage Hacking/No animation Hacking/etc
If a player is reported/caught and found guilty

GM Impersonators
If a player is reported/caught using a staff name or GM tag
eg. <Admin>,<HeadGM>,<SeniorAM>,<AM>,<TraineeAM>
Any iteration of a staff in-game name

If a player is reported/caught trading an item(s) using Real Money
Either Buyer, Seller, or Middle Persons it does not matter which you are

Questions and Answers Credits Link

Below is a list of the questions I get most often. If I have missed something you feel should be added, feel free to send me a pm.​

1. This server gives pearls?
Yes, you will get 80 pearls in the in game mail every 30 minutes you are online (100 every 30 min if premium).

2. What are the premium drop filter commands?
-Drop filter command was greatly improved:
-Now you can configure each item quality (color) filter separately.
- Drop filter settings now saved to character.
- Silver drop filter now has it’s own trigger (enable/disable).
- To get all possible commands, type .drop in chat

List of available commands:
.drop resetfilter - reset and disable all filters
.drop moneyfilter -/+ (enable and disable drop silver)
.drop filter 0 - disable drop white items
.drop filter 1 - disable drop green items
.drop filter 2 - disable drop blue items
.drop filter 3 - disable drop yellow items
.drop filter 4 - disable drop orange items

Each filter must be set separately
- You can filter enchant level of items in drop, add 2nd perimeter to command for this.

To ignore only green items with 1-9 enchant from drop, type command:
.drop filter 1 9
To disable white items, type command:
.drop filter 0
To get only +15 green and above items, type command:
.drop filter 0
.drop filter 1-14
There is also now an option tile for this in the esc menu.

3. What do I do if I’m having problems with my launcher?
Here is a help thread that our GM Noyah made for such issues: Click here . If you are unable to fix your issue using these solutions, feel free to send me a pm in discord or forum, and I will be happy to assist you as soon as possible. It is also helpful to search the forums under the “problems” and “questions” section for other threads indicating the same problems, as they may contain solutions not listed in Noyah’s thread.

4. I found a bug, how do I report it?
Take a look in the “bug reports” section of the forum, as it is highly possible that issue has been answered in another thread. If you do not find your bug listed, file a bug report giving as much detail about the issue as possible. For example, list quest or npc name and id# (same goes for items and such as well). Also include details like what is supposed to happen, what is really happening, etc. If at all possible, include a video in your report so that the devs can see visually what is happening (all information provided is very helpful and helps bugs to be fixed faster). It’s also recommended to post one bug per report, as I have seen it said by a staff member that when they find a report that’s a list, they work on the first bug listed and move on. Finally, bug reports that give no information will likely be ignored because they give no details as to the problem. For example: This quest does not work or this is bugged, please fix it. (reports like this give the devs information to go on. It’s like telling a doctor “I’m sick doc, make it better”. He has no clue what to do until he knows your symptoms
All of that said, if the bug you are needing to report is exploitable or game breaking, please report it directly to staff via pm.

5. What are the benefits of premium membership, and does it stack with Value Pack?
Combat | Skill | Life | Horse Exp +30%
Karma Exp Gain +100%
Luck +1
Inventory Expansion +8
Storage Expansion +8
Marketplace Collection +20%
Weight Limit +500LT
Unlimited Beauty Salon
Enhancement (FS) chance rates increased by 30%
Reduced Horse Mating Time to 36 mins
Increased Pearls 100 every 30 mins
Reduced Karma Lost by 50%
Greatly Increased T9 Horse Acquisition Rate
Item drop quality filter command .drop filterYes, premium membership and the pearl shop value pack stack.

6. Is this server pay to win?
There are various opinions on this, so I guess it depends on how you define pay to win. There is nothing in the web shop that gives a large advantage against players who cannot/do not purchase from it. There are advantages, yes. There are some items unobtainable in game in the web shop, yes. In my personal opinion (yes, I understand some disagree with me, and that is okay), These items are more “pay for convenience” than anything.

7. What if this server gets shut down?
I do not believe that GamezBD will ever be “shut down”, because we do not run on stolen core files from retail. Instead, Gamez uses it’s own software and coding. This is also one reason why we have more bugs here, as the devs have to build missing or broken coding from scratch. There have also been attempts to shut it down that all failed due to these facts

8. Will there be a wipe?
No. Gamez was wiped on October 4th last year when we left beta and launched. We will not have another wipe.

9. What are the rates on this server?
Current Server Rates:
Monster Exp Rates: 10x
Life Exp Rates: 5x
Horse Exp Rates: 5x
Tendency, Explore, Fitness Exp Rates: 5x
Skill, Guild Skill Exp Rates: 5x
Monster, Collection, Steal, Fishing Drop Rates: 10x

10. I have found a hacker or botter, can you come and take care of it?
Record the hacker or botter with the player’s name showing (using a flare if wearing camo suit) and report in “player reports” section in the forum, or directly to any staff member. While I have been known to hunt down and record botters myself, I took it upon myself and it was always when I had free time and was not needed in discord or forum. (This is not always possible, I’m afraid) Player reports without sufficient proof are rejected.
Just to answer the question of how exactly the proof should be provided:
Also this is the same requirement when posting player report of Any kind, you may NOT edit or alter the screenshot in Any way, the same goes for videos, in order to take a player report seriously we need the whole screenshot with the GamezBD watermark and/or unaltered video.

10. Why are hackers allowed on this server?
Hackers are never allowed on this server, and are ALWAYS banned when caught. If you feel someone is hacking, you must report it as I explained above. Gamez has a small team and we can’t always stop everything we are doing to chase possible hacker/botter reports (among other things). We each have roles and duties to follow. For example, as Moderator, my job is discord first, then forum, then in game if needed and able. We do not want/allow hacking on this server and highly appreciate those of you who report them correctly so we can clean our server

11. Can I run GamezBD with the retail client I already have installed?
As long as you have the NA or EU retail client, yes. Gamez will not run with any other retail client.

12. Can I use an auto clicker or macro to farm or gather while afk?
Absolutely not. This is called “botting” and you would be banned. No third party software is allowed.

13. A player is harassing and insulting me in game, will you ban him?
This server is home to many different cultures, ages, and so on. If the person is not breaking any gamez rules, use the block function. If there is racism, however, take a full screenshot showing the in game chat and report it either in “player reports” in forum, or directly to staff. Racism is NEVER tolerated. If it is happening in discord, send me a pm directly.

14. I accidentally (or out of rage) deleted an item. Can you please replace it or get it back?
We do not replace items lost due to player mistakes. This includes things like accidentally buying the wrong outfit in the pearl shop or gifting to the wrong player. Please be careful.

15. Why is there no communication between GamezBD staff and players? They don’t care about us?
It’s not true that we do not communicate with players. I am in discord every moment I have available and even chat with you guys even if it’s just to goof off and have fun As I stated before, we each have our own jobs/responsibilities, and must take care of those before we deal with other areas (as I stated in an above answer). We do indeed care about our player base. However, we also need a bit of patience at times, because we are each working hard in our own ways to make Gamez as enjoyable as possible.

16. There is an outfit I want in the pearl shop or web shop. When will it be added?
Here is a thread made in the forum for requesting fashion requests: Click here

17. My client download is very slow. Is this normal?
It is. The GamezBD client uses a peer to peer system, so it is slow for many. Many find it much faster to download via the community provided mirror link: Click here . This is provided by a player though, and not from Gamez directly. If there are issues with the files he offers in his thread, he is good at replacing them when broken, so don’t be afraid to shoot him a message.

18. Why was I banned from game? I donate to this server, please unban me. (I get this a lot)
Sometimes I see this question in forum as well, but bans are not to be discussed in public. Send a pm to the staff member that banned you. That being said, donators do not get special privileges in this manner. Even if I was able, I would not lift a ban placed by another staff member without their okay to do so. If the ban is discord, send me a pm and I’m willing to discuss it with you respectfully (same applies here as above with in game bans).

19. I do not agree with an action of a staff member. Who do I talk to about it?
If you do not agree with something a staff member has said or done, you are free to pm them or any other staff about it. That being said, remember that we always have proof of our reasons for banning.

20. I’m having launcher issues, how do I solve it?
Our HGM, Noyah, made this thread that solves the most common issues: Click here . If these solutions do not work for you, or your problem is not listed, feel free to send me a message on discord or forum, or look under the “problems” or “questions” section to see if someone else has reported the same thing. (these threads will often have solutions as well)

21. I spent pearls on something I don’t need. Can I get a refund?
Refunds are not given due to player mistakes. Please be very careful in the future to avoid this issue.

22. My GamezBD Launcher is using a TON of cpu and/or gpu. Is there a cryptominer in the launcher?
No, there is no cryptominer in the gamezbd launcher. This issue is most commonly caused because the launcher runs on a peer to peer system, so others can download a bit faster. To solve this issue, simply log out of the launcher and click settings in the upper right corner, then disable the allow seeding option.

23. Artisan’s Memory are not sold in the pearl shop any more?
No, but you can still purchase them through the blacksmith. When repairing max durability and you click the “artisan’s memory” button and have none available, a window will pop up allowing you to purchase them with pearls.

24. How can I see my ping in game?
Open Task Manager, then go to resource monitor, then Network. you should be able to see your ping there.

25. Can I run both clients at the same time? (BDO NA and Gamez client)
Because BDO NA and Gamez are usually at different versions, you will need a second copy of the BDO NA, with Gamez pathed to that copy.
UPDATE: You will not be able to use virtual machine.

26. Why are evasion and accuracy not fixed, and when will it be?
Kolka answered a similar question in another thread. He said "this mechanic will be reworked when we done new formula."
So just be patient guys, they are aware of the issues and are working on it
Evasion has been reworked to be more retail like.

27. Is the pearl shop hedgehog different from the web shop hedgehog? Can I smash them together? Do the web shop hedgehogs pick up hards/sharps? Can I have more than one web shop hedgehog out at once?
Both of these hedgehogs are different. The pearl shop hedgehog gives double drop chance, while the web shop hedgehog auto gathers once every five minutes from a plant/crop, but not from trees or rocks. You can indeed smash them together for higher tiers. It will indeed pick up hards/sharps. Yes, you can have more than one out at a time. Remember you need to be within pet range.

28. I can't interact with or ride my horse. How can I fix this?
Take the horse out of stable and leave it standing there. Run to another stable far away, such as Calpheon, remote collect, recover, and take it back out. Repeat if needed, but it's usually fixed first try.

29. Can I change the email for my account?
No, there is no way to change your account email.

30. How do I use the download mirrors from the forum? 
Step 1: extract 001 in a folder you set aside. You are unable to extract 002 or 003, just leave them in the folder you set aside. 
Step 2: Go to the launcher. 
Step 3: Make sure you are logged out of the launcher, at the upper right corner of the launcher you will see Settings, Click that and locate browse. 
Step 4: Direct the launcher toward the file you just extracted 001 to. 
Step 5: It will then start downloading some extra files, let it finish and do its thing. 
Step 6: You are now good to go Bonus: If you have any errors check out #faq-support :

31. Is multiboxing allowed?
Strictly prohibited.

How to Create Account Registration Black dessert private server

Create your Account Click here to Register

Connecting to Gamez BD

Unzip and Run GamezBD Launcher
Select Game Path Location
Let the game download and update to 100%
Enter your username and password in the Gamez BD Launcher
Click Start Game and Have Fun!

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