Seven Knights Korean Update 4 March 2021 - 7th Anniversary Event

 We've brought you news of the first update in March!

Defense Battle Season 5 is over in this update,
They say they are going to have an off-season period!
Seven Knights Korean Update 4 March 2021 - 7th Anniversary Event

And, in commemoration of the upcoming 7th anniversary, the event site and attendance check, etc.
I'm so excited to hear that there are various events available!
Please note that this update is scheduled to take place from 10 am ,
Shall we check with me right now about the update?

■ Defense Battle Season 5 End and Season Off

- From 00:00 on March 4 (Thursday), Season 5 of Defense Match ends and the season is off.
- Season During the off period is not possible bangeojeon progress and can not be obtained weekly / path compensation.
※ If the pass reward is not received before the season off period before the defense, the reward will be paid to the mailbox after the season settlement according to the points achieved.

[Defense War Season Off Schedule Information]

■ 7th Anniversary Event 

- Time: Thurs., March 4-April after checking until the second update (5 weeks)
- Description: Event provinces that can be entered during the event period will be added.

- When entering the event territory for the first time, one 6-star Tae-oh hero will be awarded.
- Event provinces acquire'Taeoh's Soul Stone' upon clearing each stage, and can be cleared once a day.
- After 0 o'clock every day, you can re-enter all stages once, and if you clear them, you can get another'Taeoh's Soul Stone'.
- You can reset the number of entries in all stages by purchasing a territory reset ticket.
- If you purchase an initialization ticket while the number of admissions remains, the number of admissions is not added separately and is fixed to one.

※ Daily clear rewards can only be obtained once a day.
※ The number of times the event territory can be used is deducted based on the clearing time.
(Example: If you enter at 11:59 pm on the 1st and clear at 00:10 pm on the 2nd, the stage will not be recharged on the 2nd)
-You can receive a buff if you place a specific hero during the stage.

[Daily Clear Reward]

※ The 4-6 Star Hero Summon Ticket includes chips and excludes the (old) Seven Knights Hero.
※ 5-6 Star Equipment Summon Ticket does not include 5-6 Star Immortal Ring and Guardian/Gelidus/Victor/Heaven/Abyssal Accessory.

[Tae-O's Soul Stone acquisition product]

Reward acquisition period: After maintenance on March 4 (Thursday)-until the second update in April (5 weeks)
- You can collect various rewards by collecting'Taeoh's Soul Stone' obtained by clearing the event territory.

- General Sena Pass and Advanced Sena Pass can be obtained through in-app payment.
※ You can purchase only one of the standard Sena Pass and the premium Sena Pass. (Example: After purchasing a regular Sena Pass, you cannot purchase an Advanced Sena Pass)
※ All'Taeoh's Soulstone' will be deleted at the end of the event period, and you will not be able to receive the rewards, so you must receive the rewards within the event period.
※ The Mythic Awakening Celestial System equipment option does not include the Celestial System PVE equipment.
※ All options (6 types) are included in the Heavenly Jewelry option.
※ The special soul shard option includes chips, and the (old) Seven Knights group heroes are excluded.
※ You can obtain one of the following group heroes in the Special Soul Shard Summon Ticket.

(Seven Knights, (Old) Seven Knights (excluding Alps), Dark Knights, Four Emperors, (Old) Four Emperors, Heavenly Guardian, Abyss Apostle)

[Add Event Territory Scenario] (Modified)

- You can check the event manor scenario in Yui's song,
※ The event estate scenario can only be checked during the event estate progress period, and will be removed when the event ends.  

2 new costumes added

- You can acquire two new costumes by collecting'Taeoh's Soulstone' during the event territory.
※ Two new event costumes are not sold in the costume shop, and can be obtained through new events.
※ Two new event costumes [Dueling Leader Pie] and [Dueling Leader Evan] can be obtained as general achievement rewards for the Event Territory.
※ New costumes may be acquired and sold separately afterwards.

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