Aura Kingdom Private Server Fantasy Kingdom

 Fantasy Kingdoms Private Server For Aura Kingdoms


  • Rates x5 - with Spirit of Gaia up to 20 lvl advantage while doing main quest, starting Aura's gear for free,
  • 1000Guild Tokens/exp and custom amount of Tokens from quests, from 100 per main to 1200 each daily,
  • 10 LP coupon per quest,
  • 2 entrances to Temple of Eidolon with x3 Summoning Stones and x3 different Eidos each (up to 9 Eidos per one attempt),
  • 375 DP per boss in challenge mode and 675 with easy obtainable boost,
  • Custom LP shop with decent prices and often changes,
  • Frequent maintenances,
  • Triple drop and chance for loot and identical item enable,
  • Easy ingame gold,
  • Summoning events everyday and custom forum events!
  • Very proffesional and carrying staff and funny community.
  • Up to Ronin's class and we gonna add newest updates!

Join us today~!

Rest solutions which server's offering left for discoveries!

New forum's adress: Fantasy Kingdom Forum


Download: Client FK

Registration: Panel Fantasy Kingdom

~Promo video soon~

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