Seven Knights X Bleach Collaboration Hero

" Seven Knights X Bleach Collaboration "

Skill Preview Seven Knights X Bleach Collaboration HD Skill Animation

Introduce a new hero - BLEACH collaboration 5 kinds of heroes

1. Grimjow Jaegerjaques

Skil1 : 90s
5 targets 70% 2hits penetrate effect.
Skill2 : 80s
4 targrts 80% 2hits always critical
Passive : Buff ignore def from atk to team(same as Alicia's passive), in Abyss mode only himself increase ATK and DEF 100%

2. Toushiro Hitsugaya

Skill1  80s
5 targets 50% 2hits, addition Deal extra 150% physical damage after freeze ends
Skill2  90s
3 targets 60% 3hits addition target have high chance to freeze, if the froze break extra damages 100%, target with freezed took more damage 150%
Passive  Immume to all atk 3 turns, raise enemies have more chance take effect from CC 15%(like Creed, Kris's pet) reduce enemies Magic atk 40%

 3. Kurosaki Ichigo *awakened

Skill1  90s
5 targets 50% 2hits addition extra damages 30% of target MaxHP, high change of Shock
Skill2  90s
4 targets 60% 2hits addition fix damages 3,000
Reduce enemies def 60% Additionally has a chance to dodge all attacks (Like Ryan)
Self immunity from damage for 3 turns.
Awaken Skill 
5 target 80% 3hits target burnt 2 turns and increase enemies skill cooldown 20sec

4. Orihime Inoue

Skill 1 : 120s
Create 3000 HP shield for 4 turns for allies
Skill 2 : 80s
Attack all enemies with 100% magic damage and removes all HP Shields
Additionally, reduce all turn based buffs by 2 turns
Reduce enemy Total Damage and Defense by 30%
Additionally, reduce all damage to self by 40%

5. Ulquiorra cifer *awakened

Skill 1 100s
Attack 4 targets with 50% Magic damage 3 times
Additionally, additionaly 30% damage of max hp
and life steals 50% of total damage
Skill 2 100s
Attack all enemy with 100% Magic damage
Additionally, 2000 fixed damage
Also inflicts 200% poison damage
Allies immune to reflect damage
and increase defense by 60%
Additionally, reduce damage by 70% to self
Attack all enemy with 300% Magic Damage
Additionally, penetrates and high chance to stun (like Xiao) for 2 turns

translation by Suppakorn & 이수
*Bleach Collab heroes can not use Pina to limit break
*Bleach Collab heroes can be obtain by new special dungeon, random Fusion or Summon (Gacha) 10+1

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