Introduction Seven Knights Korean Ace Awakening

As you guessed by looking at the cherry blossoms many people dancing,

In this development note, I will talk about the awakening of the master Ace of the whole ungum.

Ace first appeared as the four emperors in Seven Nights for the longest time

It is one of heroes with the brave man.

From the first appearance, close to the past three years

Because it is an ace that received much love,

Not only to our Seven Nights development team but also to the braves

I think that it has big meaning.

As this is a deep hero,

I wish for Ace to receive many love of you as a brave person through this awakening

I am troubled in every direction.

In this process, in the position where the current ace is utilized,

It is judged that there are some limitations

The newly born ace is a strong hero led the battle

I am preparing to be able to take an active part.

From now on, Ace

Let's see how it will appear.

(* Performance of the awakening ophthalmology update schedule was not fixed

Hero bravely through your opinion and ongoing troubles

It may fluctuate if it is judged that there is a problem. )

In the case of

* God Sword Ace (Awakening Criterion)

1. Void Shield from any kind of damage for 7 hits.
2. Reduce enemies heal recovery by 80%.
3. When he dies, amplify allies Physical/Magical attack by 200% for 3 attacks.
Awaken Skill;
Target all enemies with double 150% physical damage, additionally penetrates & removes all active buff. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 300% physical damage)
Skill 1;
Target 1 enemy with triple 150% physical damage & deal 300% physical *Diffusion* damage to enemies on the same row. Additionally penetrates. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 450% physical damage) 
*Diffusion is an effect that deals damage to all enemies in the same row as the target and ignores defense
Skill 2;
Target all enemies with double 100% physical damage. Additionally inflict Bleed with 50% physical damage for 3 turns or 5 times & Reduce buff duration for 3 turns. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 200% physical damage) 
3rd Dedic Option; Apply critical on his 1st skill.

First, I will explain the intention of change of ace type.

The existing Ace had a hero in an auxiliary position to support a friend,

In order to make various use to brave people

There was a need to change to a more aggressive hero.

Therefore it was changed to the hero of attack after arousal

Performing a leading role far more than now

It is planned to change like a hero more useful than the braves.

In addition, I will explain the intention of skill change of "Ace".

First is the unique effect.

First, reduce the recovery amount of enemies as a whole by 80%

Decrease opponent's holding power

I made it possible to finish the battle more quickly.

Also, by giving himself 7 times damage invalid

Make it possible to carry out battle stably from now

By making 200% amplification of attack power and magical power of all ally at the time of your own death

When Ace leaves the battle

Through the powerful skill damage of other heroes

We configured to be able to pull the battle in an advantageous direction.

(This effect will be activated only once at the very end.)

Secondly it is a skill to use.

Moonlight separation

The existing "Moonlight Slashing" skill is a skill that deals damage to one enemy,

The damage was not large and the utilization rate was various skills.

Therefore, the damage is 150% 3 times and 100% diffusion damage at 100% 4 times

Change and apply penetration effect,

While being able to use it for a stronger attack by one person now

Depending on the situation you can damage multiple heroes

I will change to an efficient skill.

Even cartoon leaves

To be able to damage more than conventional skills

Increase the damage from 140% to 100% twice,

Bleeding effect added.

Through two blows and bleeding effect, you can respond effectively to your partner's life,

Through the effect of decreasing 3 turns for the target turn buff,

You will be able to use it more effectively than the existing 2 turn reduction.

Third is awakening skill.

Drag 150% of the attack power into the entire enemy with double damage,

We have given the effect of removing buff.

By doing this, you can eliminate various effects that were applied to your opponent

Provide an opportunity to reverse the battle disadvantage and reverse it

It is configured to be utilized as a skill.

In summary, the direction of awakening ace is as follows.

Instead of ancillary persistence skills

As a dealer who uses powerful attackers,

We plan to prepare as a hero who can lead fight faster and more concisely.

Both of the skill balance part of the hero presented through the developer's notes
Brave people Listen to your opinions and refer to it,
We will endeavor to be able to update using many preparations....

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