Seven Knights Korean Update 20 April 2017

The third update in April has been found ~
In the case of
The secret voucher system, which was the main content of this update
It will be modified in response to the opinions of the brave people and reflected in future updates.
In the case of
As much as possible to be satisfied with the brave people, more painful,
I will make an effort to be able to be added (__)
In the case of
Then check the update contents together and see ~
In the case of

■ Heroes, Improvement of Pet Probability Increase Event

- Heroes, pet probability rise events are held for 24 hours, the probability-raising subject heroes, the probability of pets do not change.
※ Only the time of the probability increase event is changed to 24 hours, the probability is the same.

■ Real Time Battle - Added Rotation Heroes

- All specials, general arousal heroes can be used as rotation heroes.
* The hero of the rotation set before the update is initialized.
In the case of
▶ Information on setting rotation heroes
(Rotation heroes can only be used in real time battle.)
- Preset touches after real-time battle entry!

- Rotation button touch of hero tab!

- Fight one of the heroes of a rotation hero into a fight pair!

■ Other Improvements

- Combination system: six times the combination of the jewelry accessories the limit number one time → three times upward.
In the case of

■ Guild War Banned Heroes (All Evaluations Including Awakening)

- Dellons, Spike, Chris, Orly, Nata, Theo
In the case of
When the cherry blossoms fall. The amount of Senna that could not make a cherry-blossom viewing It seems that even if the age of cherry blossoms were opened again!
Where there are acquaintances, cherry blossoms are in full bloom everyday!

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