Easy Going Level Up FAST Ragnarok X

Level Up FAST Ragnarok X

Ways to degree up quick in Ragnarok X Following Generation? That's the often asked concern in Ragnarok X Following Generation. Why gamers are truly wish to degree up their personality quick? That is since when you get to specific degree, some advancement functions will be opened and a greater degree personality will have much far better Statistics and abilities. The primary source to degree up is by gathering the experience factors (EXP), and after you get to specific EXP, your degree will increase. That's why we have to understand which points provide you a great deal of EXP. In this article, we have a listing of some functions that provide you a great deal of EXP and by understanding this, you can degree up your personality quick in Ragnarok X Following Generation. This Ragnarok X degree up quick direct is still in development, and we'll upgrade it quickly later on.

Main Quest

Complete all the main quest up till you get to the degree restrict. This primary quest must be rather simple to complete, since the problem of this mission will be adapted to your degree. You can possibly likewise see the primary tale of this Ragnarok X Following Generation when you opt for this mission.

This main quest will provide you one of the most experience to degree up your personality. Nevertheless, if you obtain stuck to the degree restrict generally quest, you can possibly opt for the various other quests as well as degree up your personality.

Side Quest

When you obtain stuck to the Main Quest, after that you ought to opt for the side mission. If the shade sign of the main quest is red, after that the shade of the Side Quest will be green.

You can discover the offered side quest by touching the quest food selection (it lies at the left side). By finishing this side quests, you can obtain different benefits like EXP, Zeny, also Headgear Plan.

Carnival Quest

In this Carnival menu, you will certainly discover lots of everyday tasks and also jobs to full. By finishing these tasks you can surely obtain different quantity of EXP and also Zeny.

Complete all the everyday tasks that provide you EXP factor like:

INSTANCE (Open LV 21 and also Complete major tale Fragment's Ymir Heart)

Circumstances is a dungeon fight and also your objective is to loss the manager.

There are 2 various troubles (Very easy and also Difficult Setting) and also various problem will certainly provide you various benefits.

This circumstances is the very best method to obtain your devices. You can surely obtain your shield and also devices in the Very easy Setting, while for the tool, you need to enter the Difficult Setting.

You can surely additionally exchange the benefits with your teammate if you believe that the devices is not appropriate with your course.

You can surely go into this circumstances as lots of as you desire however, you can surely just obtain the benefits 3 times a day and also it will certainly be reset at 5.00 am


You can surely full as much as 10 Objective Board quests everyday and also it will certainly be reset at 5.00 am. Several of the mission will certainly provide you dual benefits. Make certain, you complete all 10 quests in the past reset.

TIPS: When your personality will degree up, don't take the quests entirely. Rather, take just some quests that provide you sufficient EXP to degree up. It's due to the fact that when your degree is greater, you will certainly have more EXP

COC Goal (Open LV 25)

COC Objective or Chamber of Business Objective is an everyday jobs that needs you to send specific products. You can purchase these products from COC Vendor with specific regular restrict.

There are 3 kinds of COC objectives that you could take and these 3 COC objectives provide you exact same quantity of EXP and Zeny. Nevertheless, the distinction in between these 3 COC objectives are the Gacha Coin benefit. They are Headgear Gacha Coin, Devices Gacha Coin, and Card Gacha Coin. Previously you take the COC objective, you have to take some times to believe which coin you require one of the most since these coins will be really important particularly free of charge gamers.

Daily at 5.00 am, one new COC objective will be included, and these COC objectives can be built up as much as 7 tries. These tries will be reset at 5.00 am every Monday.

TIPS: Since this COC objectives will provide you more EXP at greater Degree, and they can be built up as much as 7 tries, we suggest you to always keep the everyday COC objectives as much as 7 tries and total those 7 tries on Sunday previously reset. By doing this, your degree will be left initially, however you can have more EXP and will overtake various other gamers on Sunday.


OX Test is an everyday event that needs you to response some Correct (O) or Incorrect (X) Concern.

This OX Test will be held every 2 hrs and ensure you response all the concerns properly


Odin's blessing is an unique function in Ragnarok X Following Generation. By transforming it on, you can obtain 5x Zeny, 5x EXP, 5x Go down Price, and 1:1 Endurance when you're eliminating beast in the area.

TIPS: For the very best EXP acquire, transform this Odin's True blessing on just when you're searching beast that provide you one of the most EXP, and DO NOT transform this on when you're doing your Quests. For the Beast EXP table, you can see it right below (Ragnarok X Beast EXP table). Besides, you can benefit from the Celebration Reward EXP, and you have to focus for the EXP charge. You can see the Celebration Reward EXP and Charge listing from the table listed below.


Table Monster EXP

After you finish with your Everyday Tasks, Odin's True blessing, Endurance, and so on, and you still want to collect more EXP, you can leave your personality in the area to search some beast. The EXP you gain from this searching will be very small compared with the everyday tasks, or when you're searching using Odin's True blessing. However, it's better to obtain percentage of EXP compared to absolutely nothing. Ensure you're doing it with your party to obtain more EXP from Party Bonus EXP

Those are some tips on how to level up fast in Ragnarok X Next Generation. Hope this tips will help you with your experience in Ragnarok X Next Generation. If you're looking for other Ragnarok X Next Generation guide you can also visit the link provided listed below or you can also visit the official site (https://www.ragnarokx.com/).

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