Special Translation Equipment and GEM Seven Knights Kakao/Korean Server

Just Realized we don't have this here XD
just gonna put this out here for reference if anyone needs xD
basic item and character status:
공격력 - physical atk
마법력 - magic atk
방어력 - defense
possible weapon/accessoire stats:
약점 공격 - atk weakness (atk enemy with lowest HP + x1.3 dmg)
속공 - speed / double attack (chance for extra autoatk after normal atk/skill. doesn't count towards turns. also determines attack order - not attack rate!)
치명타 확률 - critical chance (crit = x1.5 dmg)
possible armor/accessoire stats:
막기 확률 - block chance (block = x0.5 dmg recieved)
반격확률 - counterattack chance
최대 생명력 - hp
other possible accessoire stats:
피해량 - total dmg
치명타 데미지 - critical damage
일반 공격시 데미지 x% 흡혈합.. - lifesteal on normal attacks
생명력 x%.. 1회 부활 - revive once with x% hp
Status Effects:
Blindness: Stops Unit from doing any autoattacks. Including counterattack/swift atk and has a Chance to make attack/skills miss.
Silence: Stops from casting skills
Bleed/Burn/Poison: suffer additional damage per turn
Stun/Paralyze: Stops unit from doing anything.
Freeze/Stone: Same as above but become untargetable. automatically skips turns until cc is gone if there are no targetable units.
Death: Unit dies after 2 turns. If hit by another Death it dies instantly. also if immune then it deals additional dmg instead.
Turns are counted individually. 1 normal autoattack = 1 turn for that unit passed (ofc turns still pass for them while they are hard CCed xD)

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