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======A Brief guide on Turns counting=====
since there's many newbies still confused about how 'turns' work in this game. so i decide to translate a short guide about [turn counting] from my local blog to help u guys get a better understanding of this mechanism.
all credit go to author Po Poring or Pisun Rattanajirawong from 7k thai group. i just translated and reorganized it up a bit.

How turns work?
- normally, a turn passed when a unit finish its normal swing
ln picture1, each circle represent units, numbers in each circle show which units move first depend on their spd, numbers oveer each circle show buff timer.

- at the start of battle, let's assume each side has a spike so all units have spike's buff which last 3 turns so every unit got 3 as their buff timer.
- once unit no.1 finish attacking unit no.4, its turn pass thus its buff timer reduce from from 3 to 2. while the rest of its team still has their buff timer remain at 3
- let's explain it in a more realistic fashion, assume that u r raiding a dragon, ur fastest unit is delonse. and u have spike as stun immune buffer for ur team. The fight process smoothly until ur delonse make his 3rd swing, suddenly the dragon use its aoe stun.

Q: what would happen?

A: only your delonse will get stunned, cuz he's the fastest unit in ur team and he just finish his 3rd turns thus his spike buff is gone, while the rest of your team still has 1 turn of spike buff left.
why did sometimes some my buff on a certain units run out much faster than the others?

- the reason is, u buff up right before that certain unit make its swing.
in picture2, unit no.3 just make its swing and it's unit no.4 turn to attack next, right before no.4 makes it swing, u buff up. Then units no.4 make it swing and its buff timer reduce by 1.

- For example, let's assume that no.4 unit is rudy. right before your rudy attack, u use his buff which last 2turns. then rudy attacks and his buff go blinking even u just cast it 2s ago. Or let's assume that u use Lina's buff right before units no.4 attacks, the result would be no.4 buff last way shorter than the rest of your team.
Q: Using the above mentioned knowledge, what's the efficient time to buff up in dragon raid?
A: survival aside, to maximize your dmg output. the buff should be used right after your main dps make its attack, so that the buff will last longer and since your main sources of your damage are coming from skill and counter made by main dps, the longer the buff lasts, the more damage u do.

tips: inversely, u can make use of this knowledge to apply debuff that last longer during siege, just make sure u have ur rachel put debuff on 7k boss after its swing, need soom practice but once u get a hang of it, it's very simple.
why sometimes when my spike freeze enermy team, all my buffs gone too?

- that's because when there's no target available. the game will 'hasted' turns off all the units to make the battle progress without delay.
in picture3, red team use spike aoe to put all blue team in frozen state which last for 2turns.

- when all targets are being frozen, every units in the battle still have their buff timer at 3, but since no.1, 2 and 3 dont have any target to attack, the game 'hasten' the battle process until the battle can process normally. So, the turns are made to auto-pass up until it's no.4 unit broke out of frozen state by that time, 2 turns have passed and buff timer of unit no.1-3 is reduced from 3 to 1 due to 2turns hasten by game mechanism, while unit no.5-10 still have their buff timer at 2 because they havn't pass their 2nd turn yet when no.4 broke out of frozen ice.
Q: so, what's the use of this info?
A: we can make some units lost their immunity by put them in temporary non-target cc like frozen, stonned.
hope this brief guide can clear up some doubt about turn counting and some misunderstanding. if possible, i would like to ask Joshua Lee to put this guide on pinned post for our newbies plz grin emoticon.

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