Seven Knights Hero Guide : Awakening Alicia

revolutionary stage
Through the Enlightened seeking to get the public opinion of Terra Terra kingdom Kingdom residents, in recognition of the throne become the queen of the Kingdom of Terra.
StatslevelLv.30 +5Lv.46 +10
offense power7512290


Revolution team leader of the game led the external to the revolution both in internal
Hero of the universal type of the true meaning that there is a utility value of all of the content except for the raid
The additional 11 May 25, 2015 "Luminous revolutionary stage 'of their hero Alicia awakening of a hero. And only it namy only become turned into real center of the revolution, had also two. Was led by Luminous Alicia the (nine) new forces emerge that can not be transcended by , that the new forces in Pina impossible transcendental as Seven Knights appeared .. dont just three itgetda also a consolation that there was hard to get 4 stars born of that synthesis, to draw Four Emporer, speaking like awakening piece. Sulfur Skillset also speak like this and that akward moments place feeling. Many 100 than the pieces also typical heroes of awakening, take 400 pieces. But the earthquake will not feel the burden regrettably with versatility that can be used on most content, Seven Nights.
Setting Background and the story

Queen of the establishment on the Terra Kingdom Area, Seven Nights chasing Dellons at adventure continent that Terra kingdom between inter moved to the continent under the influence of the power of destruction ferocious became monsters are beating a frantic people great harm She began to wear, and the other is a gap Rudy are away tyranny caused the king occupying power,Rudy is the chance Take Away on the Place, the king has caused the tyranny accounting for power. in order to solve it, it is supposed to be formed the Luminous revolution along with the other two colleagues. Seven Knights revolution is carried out by the time you came back out For game with the emperor, he succeeded in obtaining the throne to give a human nature to people, inherited For situation of the queen. 

Toward the Seven Knights us in the relationship have a dialogue that "is to you guys ... I was disappointed." Simple omission that the question is whether the double track of its own.That said, more matatna to Senna Power of Seven Nights event! The effect was awesome!

One seemed to awaken the hero to deal with a force of destruction as much. According to a secret mission orders published in the Official cafe and second commanding officer this gave help when exposed to 'force', the first commanding officer Kiri given the task el can also handle the power. That is the revolution only heroes are all awake . Also, if destroy, but recovery is feasible priority "for the source of power and to command, questioned why the costs have to be 'collected the first' if. God is gonna dapsigo destructive thoughts Pascal who carelessly use when trying to runaway in reverse the power of God I am part of. After the episode in the 11 drill el and first appearance with Ryan was Rudy has abandoned us sleeping drove the king of tyrants and incite the people .

Performance Alicia

Increase in 3000 fixed the damage, two turns the immune allies all over the state are added., owns a great performance to the normal attack defense ignored and disabling twice granted. It has been turned on without choosing good heroic skill us supporting the ally.

Spike and a lot of comparison, spike abnormal state immunity is longer than one turn, your attack power, dealing stronger with increasing critical 80 percent. Alicia, there is a passive that the blow of all the allies will have the defense ignored effect is stronger supporting aspects. However, in the first place because Alicia there is a tremendous fixed damage of 3000, attack and large there is no relationship hero and the spike attack power / critical passive is not so much with regret. In addition, four turns, situation sorry is to compare the viability of immunity. In addition, so you raise also damage of basic attack force, it is also very good to proceed step was placed great significance in haste dealer. Even or looked at a higher compatibility of this or that spike. Face and figure is also not the upward version? The first place or spike does not care what or not a man ...

include fixed damages of 3000 when the trolling with evan and 4 Increase his death effect take care being receive 1500 reflecting damage to Rook This combination of 1200 only to give and awaken Chancellor damage, the eve combinations for which the GNOME is quite Many. However, since much good even if compared to the freezing trawler spike spike more than 46 non-spa is mainly dictated Alicia.


Unique Passive - Leader of the Revolution stage

The basic attack of ally targets and ignore the defense of immunity will be granted to the state over two teongan effect. 
To further his immune to all damage is given four teongan.

First 4 turns immune But what if the assault? River! Sir! For! Yeah!Nothing short of an unprecedented awakening until two turns the immune allies all over the state are added. This very likely to trawling because virtually freezing spike when you think, the longer spikes than the spa bangdek to use the spikes to the dealer can see beorindago completely replaced. And the whole friendly pyeongta defense ignores the effect there is receive, the be sure to steal the coming seonta Doug Kyle and Lynn work is biilbijae pyeongta discarding a line of two-way sum up the front row of the opponent. Boss is also greatly increased volume due to sustaining a long drawn Evaluation vampire picture without a healer.

Light of perforation[edit]

"Gather all the light!"

105 secondsIt inflicts 60% Physical damage to all enemy ATK twice. For all teonje buff further reduce the target two turns and reduces 60% of the amount recovered two teongan.
It invalidated two times, and reduced the amount to be insufficient to restore the buff shearing teonje two turns. Good stroke counter, Chris and Karin.When November 30, 2015 interim inspection skills motion has been changed. Changing the motion before the BlazBlue series Tsubaki Yayoi two outs and the motion of the sky due to atgi Exactly .

The stars fall

"A united commitment!"

90 seconds4 people enemy, dealing physical damage to the mouth for 70% of the damage. 
Deals damage fixed as 3000 draws to further increase the skill cooldown 20 seconds.

Without the awakening look beginning of hell

caught up to the conscience it is not fixed increase the colossal damage of 3000. But eopgie through the characters are immune produce bounced .Alicia made ​​at the time seemed to stroke counter market trend was the pole but Come in That awake Rook , because the effect is zero ...[5] For there increase as 4 Referred to options that might be trolling the sharp likes and dislikes.Bojin dealers are like this skill

And that is why Alicia is able to play an active part in boss battles. In the case of the steel predator it is possible only with an infinite team awakening awakening Sieg + Alicia. 4 increase writing after killing one of the high-rise towers in limitless is very useful.

awareness-called terra[edit]

"A blessing to my people!"

The entire allied to grant invalidation twice for all the damage (this effect is ignored defense, but also for penetrating effect.) 
In addition, immune to all status effects will be granted at least two turns.
The second meeting of the state invalidated more than two turns are granted full immunity allies. For over state immunity it can also be an advantage not to take more than I have something more immortal state can evoke an immune Turns had been cleared to re-skill them? State. Of course, if granted but not cleared by removing beneficial buff buff like any other type Awakening groups.

Just heroes Kyle has a number of such void seems to apply unconditional twice invalidated regardless of the number of remaining void.

Thursday, the atrocities committed which you can use to win batting tying the Goku in Arena.

adventureWhile preventing the allies to take over state thereby blocking the enemy's skill cast to increase. In addition to 3000 and massive help you easily clear the Easy difficulty after eight estates.
 equipment operationOne skill that is starting to kill one in four popular with haste, but one page, so can be used as a small hero. But it is a long stage Motion Skill
Daily DungeonIf you use the immune effects of spikes, spike mostly because retired in the first phase through turns manage 3 turns the immune received in the first phase, one should keep well, in the case of Alicia there is no case of death damages the immune virtue in every phase immunity charging is less pressure on the turn management. Besides friendly room assessment draws Quickplay, Deals rise in counterattack. It is in many ways more useful than the spike.
Castle RushBecause it can improve the quality of alternate is not possible Quickplay dealer awakening is preferred to spike two times invalidate such notice and immunity lasts through an awakening. However, if you put one beyond me note that on Friday and Sunday, laying on immediately discard.
ArenaCurrently not used because the metadata regardless of the performance. A plate these days many states over the Team Dellons awakening takes over Dellons state without a carry in the way of skills, such as using only awareness alone does not take over the state, the dupan ahnigie the presence of Alicia was very poor. In a word gritty past, but is now required is selected.
Celestial TowerLeast friendly state immunity and 4 Increase gives a great help in mutap. Killing four people there is no resurrection, ever the hero, because you can put to 4 patients safely. 4 Turn on the viability of immune damage because layers without penetrating or turns is guaranteed to some extent.
RaidIf you do not catch on one or two teonman Sieg and Karon can take for temp. If you go to take it as well as can avoid the Stun Passive. However, there is no possibility of Zeke yard or in Karon with Alicia's ...
Boss Raid2 Turn upper surface of immune damage +4 turn can perform alone role Spike + Restoration (backwards compatibility) Thanks to +20 seconds increase skills. Syarang ㅐ t combination of skills Turns to prevent predators or can block the wings of the storm skill.
Overall ratingIt might not even get laid ahnigie real universal hero used anywhere. Can be used in various places, not just excellent utility properties of the immune allies over the entire states and increase / Turns, and non-stop and one duel.

Recommended Equipment[Edit]

weaponSpeed AttackSince specializes in the colon Skillset properties inevitably it is forced one after another.
ArmorMax HPConsider setting can also turn strike back by immune heroes but why not give him fit to fight back supporting character, not the dealer, since it may be best to set the discard lying on Penetrator Oriental vivid.
accessoriesDeathIf immortality is only the wish, because its own survival let down choice as the next best thing to life.
jewelryBlockGive a hug to prevent the survivability rise to match the rest of the runners fitted deck situation. In fact, because armadillo armadillo fixed itself is largely unsatisfactory character'm not a good counterattack yirang best if you give the haste in embracing sahwang jewelry.Whether the second hitIf the information may be a vampire.


The voice has a good appearance and comments that do not match. "It was an elegant battle" Hero-standing ambassador's voice is calm but very uppity when used with skill pyeongta high and choppy tone it says. Because users have criticized the postponement of low-grade non-kicking Alicia did nyamyeo dubbing throat. This is happening because the problem Seven Knights do not use professional actors. Updates 2nd anniversary with the story, let's expect it to do that is to re-record the voice of the important heroes.But it did not change

The concept is a magical girl seems. In the motion, but it turns into a sword standing all the skills, staff, sword attack in motion except for the pyeongta. But mabeophyeong to universal hero is a hero, not universal physical type, according to information from the meeting is called to a buffer that will assist the project because Kyle found Alicia of double track (?) In DC Inside Gallery Seven Knights . But it is hard to say just double-track long-haired character because all the silhouette wearing a crown. It but through you had designed itself Alicia is already planned, consider the literally brought the motion in handcuffs tuktwi lovely story and other games Alicia can not be seen only as a hero made ​​hastily for the induction charging. At least if Alicia died status this immunity disappears, if the resurrection Alicia conditions caused at least two immunological again had a huge bug was revised November 30, the illustrations are unusual digression. Not just to show his face shining point to his face in the mirror.

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