Cosplay Event Seven Knights - I Am Hero Season 4

The Winner Cosplay Event Seven Knights - I Am Hero Season 4

■ Date: Mon July 25th - Mon, August 15th
■ Description: If you turn into heroes and the Seven Knights certified by an excellent selection of work will be rewarded.
■ How to participate:
     ① Mon, July 25th - Wed, August 3rd until then adorned with a particular shape of heroes Photo shoot!
     ② Thurs., August 4th official is generated from the cafe - I'm a hero 4 on the Billboard
        To receive compensation server and character name when you enter a [personal] , [organizations] that is registered with the prefix!
■ criteria: first - selection of candidates through internal audit
                     Second-progress after the public vote for the final ranking Nominations
■ Compensation: Compensation paid according to the final ranking

※ Precautions
1. the event is not an event that involved similar images or photos, collage.
    (Post does not fit the nature of the event will be deleted without warning and movement, can be deliberately stopped repeatedly during activity)
2. The spraying directly into the hero's costume is similar to, or only admit picture taken posing.
    (If you decorate your family, pets, shooting things and synthetic it may be excluded from the review.)
3. Except in the case of theft, the image of another event audit.
4. [Personal], [organizations] do not select a prefix, if you did not list the server / character name may be excluded from the review.
5. Teams can participate up to 500 people per team, singles are not paid compensation and redundancy. (High compensation paid only once)
6. If the entries do not meet the criteria may change the prizes.
7. The application photos can be used in Netmarble official Facebook and Seven Knights cafe for the promotion of the Seven Knights.

★ Wait here! Try watching season three winner works!

Cosplay Seven Knights

It was added for a variety of new heroes for him!

Your mighty works pretty nice! Quirky, pop up works!
Kawai the amount Senna - ☆ the utmost expectations and so much begging participate ~~ ♥

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