Introduction New Hero Seven Knights Korean Server - " Dark Knight " Researcher of Madness - Melcure

The newly the joined hero together with first update of July will introduce.

First of all, many of the brave, you look at the silhouette Teoda! It spike! It predicted the hero!
It was a new Dark Knights hero that is different from the unfortunately prediction.

It powerful hero has also appeared in the mighty Dark Knights corps! ㅎㄷㄷ ...
Well neither awakening Theo, let's a not a spike Dark Knights Mel kill like to meet in the priority video.

[The Dark Knight - Melcure]

Skill Description Melcure

* Dark Knights can be obtain by
- get from difficult Guild Siege box
- Sena pts(dat 1,000pts from never get any Sena from guild box)
- Mileage box
- Select from login calendar day28 (normal calendar)
- Dark Knights can not use Pina to limit break


- Void shield for 4 hits, Also damage received to self, 1 attack will hit for 30% of his HP.
- Additionally, when there are 3 magic type heroes.
Himself and same row will receive 60% buff to weakness change and weakness damage.

Skill 1 : 80s

- Attack 3 targets with 220% Magic attack
- Additionally, penetrates and reduce all deductible buffs by 3 times.
(Example Delonse or awk Lee status reflect or Jyupy awakened 15 hit buff)

Skill 2 : 115s

- AoE magic attack for 100% damage
- Additionally, 2000 fixed damage and reduce all turn based buff by 2 turns.

Awaken (Dark Liberation)

- Attack 3 targets for 400% magic attack and heal for 30% of damage.
Additionally, reduce all turn based buff by 3 turns.

Melcure to be polished in the back wizard, until the magic that has been banned in the desire to become a more powerful!
What kind of changes you wonder whether there is in the new Dark Knights confluence!

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