Seven Knights Global/Asia Hero Guide : Asura

Imperial Royal Guard Asura

Level30 +540 +5
M. Attack7151489

Skill NamesCooldownDescription
PassiveSagacious VisionN/AProtects all allies from being paralyzed for 6 turns. Asura becomes immune to all damage 3 times..
Skill 1Spiritual Penance.72sInflicts 200% damage on 1 enemy. Places taunt on target for 2 turns.
Skill 2Spiritual Benediction100sHeals allies for 2 turns by 70% of Asura's Magic Attack.

Recommended Item

Seeing how she has her kit from KR PLUS 1 more Void Shield.

Sub Stat
Weapons2x Lethal
Armor2x HP
JewelsLethal, Block, Crit Chance


  • Anti Paralysis passive is useful for upcoming World Boss.
  • Baby boo is a must have for the little lolita lovers.
  • Has a cool looking Genie monster.
  • Taunt useful for upcoming World Boss.
  • 2 Turn Heal is once again useful for ... you guessed it... World Boss.
  • Normal unit, not hard to get a few easily and Fina the rest if necessary.


    • Universal unit eats up your Dark Elements very fast.
    • Slow Base Speed, kind of difficult to run anywhere else other than certain PvE scenarios.
      Feel free to discuss anything related to our newest unit, Imperial Royal Guard Asura.


      • Lethal weapons are theoretically a must, and they're easy to get too because of how no one use them. Though, I'm still conflicted because Jupy and Bai Jiao exist, and both of them are decently geared/leveled for me. As for Armor, I'm not sure if Bleed/Poison is going to appear, but if they do, probably 2x HP.
      • Asura to place her taunt effect on the hydra's middle head which also has the lowest HP. Lethal causes your skills to target the enemy with the lowest HP. Once the taunt has been placed on the middle head, all your other skills, especially single target skills will register on the middle head. Note that attacking the other heads don't do damage.
      • Same reason all raid heroes require lifesteal. The 4 void shields aren't really going to matter much since most of the damage will probably come later as the turns progress unless the damage is similar to awakened raid and doesn't increase as turns progress. Not too sure how it works so I'll hold out on equiping jewels in any case.
      • Lethal increases likelihood of attacking the unit with lowest HP.
        The World Boss (There are multiple) in question has 3 heads.
        2 heads cannot take damage. 1 Head is the true head.
        You need lethal to land her taunt skill on the True head. This allows your DPS unit to hit that head every time.
      • This midget gender swapped actually pretty good for 3 headed sea snake world boss! Her skill fit well with shane too!! Doe angry oriental voldemort or bow elf girl also able to subtitute her, but LuBu still prefer this midget because of para and damage immunity towards boss and party heal! For equipments, I think double hp armor, counter, lifesteal, lethal jewel and lethal acc are good! Weapon double lethal!
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