1,000 days of new content and improvements Korean Server

Have you done 1000 days countdown event yesterday?
In the case of Through this countdown event, seeing how many soldiers are pleased
I mentioned that you can not do any event you like. You also have a disturbing feeling.
In the case of Favorite, everyone in the future, really! The real thing! Real! While deciding to prepare the event,
Let's see what kind of news is in the developer note this time at the time!

  • Guild Dungeon
  • Content achievement
  • New Pet
  • Special dungeon improvement
  • Improved guild attendance check
You can see some thrilling titles just by listening to your name?
Later on, let's introduce the above contents one by one from now on ~

The first is "Guild Dungeon".

Guild Dungeon is a new content that all guild members join forces to clear the stage together.

You can build a building that you can enter the guild dungeon at the guild point,

Hang up so that the building must be completed so that you can join the guild dungeon ~

Once the guild dungeon is completed, you can enter the guild information screen with the guild dungeon icon activated.

So let's get into the guild dungeon?
Season information on the upper left is displayed, and the first-time icon displayed on the stage is conspicuous!

To see what the new icon means, look at the table below!

In the Guild Dungeon, if a guild member is in battle, no other guild member can join the stage,

If other guild members are in battle, wait a little while and join them.

Next, when you select the stage that is currently in progress, the following information is displayed.

The current monster information and physical strength are displayed,

The rank of guild members is displayed based on the cumulative damage done by the monsters!

The first screen shows the guild members that have the most damage on that stage,

I can see at a glance which guild member has suffered the most damage.

With Guild Dungeon you can earn two rewards.

Clear Compensation

Compensation provided to all guild members when clearing the stage

Last batting compensation

Compensation provided for the guild who knocked down the stage monster at the end

Now that you have checked the stage information, why do not you join the stage?

I see the special ability of the boss monster on the right side ~

I am afraid that monsters with some special abilities will appear on each stage.

One of the main features of Guild Dungeon is "Battle Time Limit".

You can only play for up to 3 minutes at a time,

If the heroes are destroyed before the time runs out, the battle is over!

Boss Monster's ability to take a good look, the strategy for 3 minutes to do a lot of damage, right?

The guild dungeon has one reward besides the stage clear reward and the last hit reward.

It's the guild rankings.

If you clear a lot of stages in the guild dungeon, will you be ranked high?

Cooperation that can show the solidarity of guild members or competitive guild content "Guild Dungeon!"

I want to meet you soon!

The second is "content performance" ~

In the meantime, many of you are enjoying Seven Knights
I think you have earned various rewards through general, period, expedition, and event achievements.

If the existing achievement contents are life style, iterative achievement contents,
The content you are preparing for is a content that can be rushed to a new goal!

Content achievements are the achievements that can be achieved while enjoying Seven Knights content
It is said that the achievement will be added to feel the fun of special attack that can be achieved only in specific contents.

So let's learn more about content achievements.
First, content performance can be confirmed by touching the performance button of the village ~

In addition, each content can be easily accessed through the "Content Achievement" button.
I can confirm at a glance ~!

Compensation for content achievement is 'achievement compensation' for each content along with individual achievement compensation.
Achievement Compensation is the achievement gauge that you achieve each time you
You can confirm that it is filled up ~

If you fill all of the achievement gauges, you will be able to earn '

Achievement Compensation is going to get even higher as the next step, I think the joy of accomplishing your content achievement will be bigger ~!

Seven Knights' content is more fun and enjoyable!

The third is "new pet"

I have brought news about the new pet in a long time ~ Check More

So, who are these pets? I'm really curious ~
This time, the new pet will be added with 6 regular pet and 2 panic pet.

When you acquire the same pet with the new pet update this time
I can not wait to see that there is no better place to use this opportunity!

Let me tell you, through the combination system
You can get "Normal Pet" as "Senappet" and "Senapet as Soppet Pet"

Fourth is "Special Dungeon Improvement"

Many of you played special dungeons three times a day for exclusive equipment.
Some methods did not fit our intended direction, and there were cases where the play itself was too fatigue.
So I am going to reduce the number of special dungeons by one, and triple the rewards ~

Let's take a look at the different rewards of each dungeon.
And on the basis of special dungeon difficulty, 10 keys were consumed in one challenge challenge ~

Regardless of the number of participation times and the increase in compensation, the number of keys consumed is the same as before.

I guess I could be a little bit less burdened with the key.

And the cost related to re-entry of Special Dungeon will be adjusted ~

I hope you can enjoy the special dungeon more easily through special dungeon improvement.

The fifth is "guild attendance Reward"

I brought good news for the warriors who are active in the guild ~


It is said that the guild attendance compensation will be upgraded!

Along with the existing reward gold and key upgrades, a piece of awakening is added as a new reward !!

A piece of awakening that could only be obtained only in the daytime dungeon every day can be obtained by reward guild attendance,

I think it will help to awaken more heroes in the future ~


In the case of a piece of awakening, it is possible to acquire 25 or more attendance guilds.

And in the case of the key and gold, there was a difference in the amount of the amount of the guild according to the level,

The pieces of awakening will be paid the same regardless of the guild level.


Thanks to the affection and concern of the men

Seven Knights is running towards 1,000 days,

I am looking forward to seeing some good news on the 1,000th day.

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