Info "Night Crow Teo" Revamp Translate Skill Description

Info "Night Crow Teo" Revamp Translate Skill Description

Passive: Crow Vision

1. Void Shield from any kind of damage for 4 hits. (vs lubu)
2. Grant immunity from damage reflection for all allies
3. Revive with undead effect for 3 turns, additionally self immune to debuffs for 3 turns.

Skill 1: (75s) Talon Strike

- Target all enemies with double 70% physical damage, additionally penetrates through damage immunity & always critical
(Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 140% physical damage)

Skill 2: (110s) Corvus Eclipse Slash

- Target all enemies with 120% physical damage, additionally reduces buff timer by 3 turns & always critical.

Dedicated Eq "Special Option (random)"

if equipped by Teo
- Increase Base Attack Dmg 30%
- Counter Chance 20%
- *Skill2: Corvus Eclipse Slash (Increase Physical Damage by 180%)

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