How to Awaken Hero on Seven Knights Global/Asia ?


The hero you would like to “Awaken” must be

6 Star Rank
 Lv.30 or higher 
+5 Powered-up

Rank Up Info Awakening Evan

Rank Up Info Awaken Karin

Awakening Shard

In order to “Awaken”, you need to spend “Awakening Shards” and Gold.
There are two types of Awakening Shards. It is similar to the Awakening Shards you need to Awaken “Items”. 

The first type is “the type of Awakening Shards that can only be used on specific heroes.”
For example, Evan needs 300 “Awakening Shards (Evan)” to Awaken.

The second type is “Awakening Shard (Common).”
This type of shard can be used on all heroes available for Awaken.
This shard can be used as material to Awaken Karin.
This is similar to when you use Fina to Transcend the hero instead of using the same hero. This shard can be used for all Hero Awakenings.

More importantly, you can choose to only use 1 type of shard, or use both types.

For example, if you have 300 Awakening Shards (Evan), you have enough to Awaken, but you can also use 100 Awakening Shards (Evan) and 200 Awakening Shards (Common) to Awaken Evan.
Please note that the Awakening Shards will be used up in the following order: 1. Awakening Shards (Hero) 2. Awakening Shards (Common).
If you have more than 300 Awakening Shards (Evan), even if you have Awakening Shards (Common), those shards will not be used.

How can I acquire Awakening Shards?

The first option: they can be acquired as Special Dungeon Play Rewards.
Once a hero becomes available for Awakening, a Special Dungeon will also become available for that hero to acquire the hero’s Awakening Shards.

Evan’s Advent Dungeon
Awakening Shard [Evan]
x 1
No Limit
Limited only
for 2 Weeks
Awakening Shard [Evan]
x 3
Karin’s Advent Dungeon
Awakening Shard [Karin]
x 1
Awakening Shard [Karin]
x 3

※To celebrate the update of Awakening, there will be no entry limit.

The second option: Awakening Shards Common Available on Topaz Shop.
Just like Awakening Shards (Items), Topazes can be used to purchase Awakening Shards for heroes.
Also, we plan on making these shards available as rewards for various events, so that you can acquire shards by consistently playing.

Tutorial With Pics Awaken Hero on Seven Knights Global
Awaken Hero Evan

Awaken Hero on Seven Knights Global

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  1. ini evan kalo udah awaken, tapi masih lvl 38 cara tc ke 40nya gimana? pake evan *6 aja apa harus awaken juga?

  2. pake evan *6 biasa juga bisa atau fina


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