New Costume Seven Knights Korean Server Nata and Alicia

Nata Legend Costume

- Period: December 8 (Thu) After update ~ December 22 (Thursday) to 04:00
- Description: During the event, awakened Nata/Nezha's Legend costume will be sold.

Costume Preview Nata and All Hero Legend Costume

Guild season pre-season ends and regular season starts (Rudy server season 16, Chris server season 6)
- Guild Ranking initialization and previous season rankings will be updated.
- Regular season can be changed according to schedule.
- Guild Wars can be entered through 'Guilds' and 'Combat Stances'.
- Guild Wars are open every day from 12:00 to 23:30.

Guilds with less than 25 of their preparation time and progress time will be disqualified immediately.
※ When you leave the guild, the tokens obtained from the guild are automatically destroyed and can not be recovered.
※ Pre-Season of the guild is not paid season compensation.
※ Old Guild The regular season rewards can only be received until the new regular guild season begins.
    If you have not already received the season reward, please be sure to get your [Season reward] before checking for updates!
※ Newly joined guild members can not advance to the guild on the day of joining.
※ If a guild having the same ranking results as a result of the league progress, it will be selected according to the following priority.
   1. Guilds have more token token (if guild score is the same)
   2. Higher guilds in the order of victory, draw and defeat (if the guild score and mark are the same)
   3. Progression in the order of the consonants of the guild (if the guild score, mark,

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