Introduction New Awaken Hero - Eileene (Immortal Empress)

1. Increase allies Physical Attack by 100%.
2. Receive maximum damage by 30% of her max HP. (same w melcure passiv)
3. Revive once with 100% HP.

Skill 1 (90s)
Targets 3 enemies with Triple 90% physical damage, additionally penetrates & reduce buff duration by 3 turns.
(Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 270% physical damage)

Skill 2 (90s)
Targets all enemies with Double 90% physical damage, additionally high chance to shock for 2 turns & always critical.
(Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 180% physical damage)

Awakened Skill
Target all enemies with 270% physical damage, additionally Reduces all enemies awakening skill Gauge by 80% & High Chance to Shock and Burn for 2 turns.
Eileen's Bestowed Rapier "Special Option (random)"
if equipped by AwakenEileene
- Weakness Chance 20%
- Block Chance 20%
- "Passive" Increase her debuff chance by 20%

Credits Translate By Ren Bradley Advincula Philip Geronimo

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