Seven Knights Korean Server Update 2 Jun 2016 : Remake Kiriel Awakening dan Guild Representative System

Guild game regular season ending with June the first update!
At the same time reward of guild war! There is no clean also in Guild costume too!
Come the season reward before the next season begins! Please obtain ~>. <

And! Magic type Hero of the Revolution team in this update!
I came back is Kiriel remake.

Together with Senna amount, let's look at one time for this update -

※ All of the screen shots are taken on a test server, it may differ from the actual contents of the update.

End GvG season 11 and open pre-season 12

■ guild warfare Season 11 end and the pre-season 12 start
- And guild warfare season 11 has been completed, will start pre-season 12 visible.
- Guild war compensation must be received directly through the button [reward of the season] game.
(Main screen → combat admission → guild warfare → [season compensation button touch!)

  • Guild compensation of the season before the season is 11, it may be received only in the 12 pre-season period, it received fast as possible please.
  • compensation is paid in full season guild mailboxes are kept for 3 days. (No recovery time period has expired)
- If you are satisfied with the end of the season when the conditions, guild war costume will be paid.

  • paid phosphorous costume will be confirmed in ready wearing in the game in the costume shop.
  • Payment Terms: score of guild warfare season 27,000 or more of the guild, won sign 15 or more of the guild
  • But the score of the guild warfare season is 27,000 or more, it will not be paid compensation if the sign is 14 or less.
  • Score of guild warfare season is less than 27,000, a sign will not be paid compensation in the case of more than 15 pieces.

  • Kiriel remake

Awaken Kiriel remake
Translated by 이수

Reduce enemy block chance 50%
Additionally, All party members immune to reflect damage.
Also has a 5 hit void shield
Legolas (cd 90)
Hits 4 enemies with 70% magic damage twice
Additionally, ignores defense.
High chance to stun.
Meteor Shower (cd 110)
AoE 60% magic damage twice.
Additionally, penetrates.
Reduce all turn based buffs 2 turns
Awaken Skill
Amplify allies attack (physical and magical) 100% for 4 hits (includes counter, speed, and normal attack)
Additionally, gives 4 hit void shield.

  • Add a guild representative system
  • Representative System Guide Click Here
Guild representative Sytem added
  • Guild game has been added to my representative battle.
  • Guild Master, Vice Guild length is selected a list of five representative candidate 12:00 along with the guild war start

   One person at random in the rear beam list is elected as a representative of the guild.
  • Representative candidate list guild length, you can sub-guild master to exchange.
  • Representative candidate list is seen only guild members of ally.
  • Representative, you can attack a representative each other guild.

popular hero rankings Change

Other improvements (added)
  •   The name of the [Castle Rush Point] is changed to [Guild contribution].
  •   The name of the [Castle Rush] tab of the shops will be changed to the [contribution].

  • GvG ban list > Delonse, Ryan, Alicia, Nia, Rook, Yuri, Evan, Chancellor

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