Seven Knights Korean Update 20 October 2016

Gvg banned list

  • Wukong, Kiriel, Yeonhee, Karma, Kyle, Teo

Adding new equipment Upgrade Stone in topaz shop

Adding new equipment Upgrade Stone
- Equipment, accessories, ingredients are added to items that can enhance the special equipment.
- New Upgrade Stone can be purchased at the event or topaz shops.
Adding new equipment Upgrade Stone in topaz shop

  • Shadow ore : 50% success rate upgrade dedicated item
  • Shining shadow ore : 100% success rate upgrade dedicate item
  • Star ore : +1 upgrade 6* accessory
  • Shining ark de ore : +1 upgrade awakened equipment

End Gvg SS14, start pre season 15
Kiriel Guild Costume
Kiriel Guild Costume
  • The guild is less than 25 hours of preparation time, and progress will be processed immediately abstain hand.
  • Mark acquired during its withdrawal from the guild guild is automatically destroyed, it can not recover.
  • Guild sign the acquisition withdrawal / expulsion guild during deportation are excluded from the total acquisition was a sign of the guild they belong.
  • Withdrawal / basic signs of the three remaining signs of the guild members will be paid to the exiled opponents guild.
  • Guild ago 14 regular-season and tournament rewards can be collected only before the guild battle 15 regular-season starts.
  • Join a new guild can not proceed to the day joined the guild ago, holds a sign before the Guild will participate also in the 0 state.
compensation Guild previous season
compensation Guild previous season

Guild warfare compensation ※ must be received directly through the button [reward of the season] game.
(Main screen → combat admission → guild warfare → season General → [season compensation button touch!)
※ season compensation is paid in the mailbox, it will be stored for three days. (Expiration at the time of the non-recoverable)
※ Depending on the end of the season when the guild rank, and special guild mark is paid.
※ Guild game pre-season will not be paid a season compensation.
※ league of progress a result, when the guild of the same rank occurs, will be selected based on the following order of precedence.
1. guild warfare signs are more of guild (If the score of the guild war is the same)
2. win, draw, high on the losing order Guild (if guild warfare score, signs are the same)
3. progress in the order of the guild name of the consonant (if guild warfare score, signs, wins undefeated is the same)

Tournament compensation
Tournament compensation
※ reward of tournament, you need to receive directly through the [receive the reward of the tournament] button in the game.
(Main screen → combat admission → guild warfare → tournament → [tournament compensation hope] button touch!)
※ remuneration of the tournament will be paid in the mailbox, it will be stored for three days. (Expiration at the time of the non-recoverable)
※ If you draw in the tournament has occurred, it is elected on the basis of the following priorities.
1. The number of signs that were acquired in the tournament is high Guild (in the case of a draw)
2. The number is high guild of game day signs of guild representative (draw, if signs are the same)
3. In a typical season, ranking high Guild (draw, representative game signs, if the signs are the same)

Hello! new limited edition Halloween Costumes

Until after the update of October 20 (Thursday) to November 3 (Thursday) 4:00: The time period -
- 20% at the time of purchase of the package discount!

Mephisto Lubu

Mephisto Lubu

Corruption of article Chancellor

Corruption of article Chancellor

Soul Hunter Bidam

Soul Hunter Bidam

Beelzebub Wukong

* Beelzebub Costume Costumes are awakening only.

Beelzebub Wukong

- Added skill icons displayed over the state

- Add multiple production systems Raid equipment
- Raid equipment during random production, will improve to be able to manufacture more than one device at a time.
- By clicking on the manufacture button after selecting the production number, it is possible to produce a plurality of devices.
- Holding material are possible select up to the amount that can be manufactured if it is less than 1,000,
You can create up to 10 at a time.

- Improved convenience on Raid
- After the confirmed production is complete, production completion notice on the main screen and the lead screen is output.
- If the ability value and options through the production or box to acquire the device, which is the top-level, will apply additional effects. (6 of equipment, awakening equipment)

- Automatic Adventures Skill Improvement (awaken skill)

- Improved Hero choices
- You can compare the capacity value of the selection of heroes and oneself owned hero.

- Improved guild system
- Error Correction
- Event end
> ★ October 1. The second hero acquisition and acquisition probability rises Events
> October ★ Pet second acquisition probability rises and acquisition event
> Accessory Upgrade Chance! event
> May the luck of the box limited edition box of the Advanced luck mate
> Sena / Emperor gem sales event
> equipment off (Topaz) offers discounts
- Compensation payments events
> Heroes acquired events
> Pet acquisition event

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